zaterdag 14 juni 2008


Map to the Ruine
By train, go to Santport Zuid station, cross the train tracks and pass the old station building, go right on the curving road. At the fork in the road there is a blue and white sign that directs you to the ruine. Follow those signs. (take the right fork Willem de Zwijgerlaan, turn left on Anna van Saksenlaan, at its end go left a few meters and turn Right onto Velserenderlaan.)
By car and bike, be aware that Mollaan/Brederodelaan is closed between Bloemendaalseweg and the circle(Zomerzorgerlaan) From the south, follow Bloemendaalseweg into Bloemendaal and turn left onto Zoerzorgerlaan, follow straight until the circle, take the first exit (right) onto Brederodelaan and follow until Velserenderlaan (which is the first left after the sport fields).